7 Ways To Construction Firms Can Hire and Retain Quality For Tradesmen

7 Ways To Construction Firms Can Hire and Retain Quality For Tradesmen

 Whether you are a construction recruitment agency or a construction firm itself looking to hire the best talent industry has to offer, here are a few essential tips to help you in this quest.

Hire in the offseason:

Conventional wisdom has it that you must never go grocery shopping while you are hungry. You tend to buy whatever you get at the earliest, and that's rarely a good bargain. The same is right for hiring tradesmen when you need them.

So the best time to look for a tradesman is when you don't require one. It will help you scan a wide range of talents, be more selective, and acquire the kind of worker you exactly want. As an added piece of advice, aim for the off-season when many construction workers are out of work, and you might get a bargain.

Pay the market rate:

When you pay peanuts, you get only monkey! Firms who pay below-market wages have the least-qualified and least-productive employees, but they are also the ones who are always in need of new workers. Why? Because competitive tradesmen will leave you the moment, they get more lucrative opportunities. Do I need to tell you what a dent it makes to overall productivity?

Provide a safe work environment:

Don't underestimate the value of a safe and healthy workplace in retaining the workforce. Too many workers falling sick on site might force others to look for a safer option. A major accident on site and the resultant bad press might turn away potential hires.

Develop a high work culture:

There is something more than a good salary a qualified and talented tradesman looks forward to. Bonuses paid leaves, company outings, work-life balance, and retirement programs are some of the perks that entice the best talents. The more people want to work for your company, the easier it will be to attract (and retain) quality people.

Invest in your workforce:

I haven't met a tradesman who doesn't like adding new skills or getting a pat on the back for a job well done. So it's a good idea to invest in your workforce. When you provide them a chance to learn, grow, and develop, they can help your company do the same. Training improves the efficiency of the workers and the quality of the output. This is also a great way to identify people with the potential to take on more prominent roles.

Be in step with time and technology:

Embracing technology makes the company more efficient and productive, but it also attracts younger and tech-savvy workforce. You can also publicize it as your USP to entice people buying your product or services.

The character can pay more dividend than the skill-set of a hire:

Characters can't be built, skills can be. People with nature can make the most of the training you give them. Such workers are more likely to stick with you in bad times than those with only skills and potential.


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