Industrial Painting Contractors - Safety Certification For Painting Contractors

Industrial Painting Contractors - Safety Certification For Painting Contractors

Whether you're an owner of a massive facility that's about to undergo a restoration or a small business manager who's contracting out a warehouse refinishing job, you want to know that your industrial painting contractor is properly trained in safe and effective painting practices. Fortunately, the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) has developed a sophisticated set of certification programs to help business owners like you make smart, safe decisions about their hires.

SSPC Safety Certifications for Industrial Painting Contractors

QP1: Industrial Coatings, Steel Surface Prep

QP2: Hazardous Paint removal

QP3: Indoor Facilities Surfaces and Coating Apps

The SSPC Safety Certifications break down into three main classes - QP1, QP2, and QP3. A QP1 certified individual is deemed safe to do work relating to industrial coatings and surface prep for steelwork. QP2 certified painters are qualified to remove hazardous paint. QP3 accredited contractors are trained to prepare surfaces and coating applications for an indoor facility (open or covered).

SSPC Specialty Certifications for Industrial Painting Contractors

QP6: Thermal Spray Prep/Metallic Alloys

QP8: Polymer Coating/Cement Surfaces

The SSPC offers additional certifications for specialized contractors, as well. The QP6 designation deems an individual safe and capable of performing work relating to prepping thermal sprays and coating surfaces of certain metallic alloys, such as aluminum and zinc. The QP8 certification, on the other hand, refers to an individual's ability to manage polymer coating and cement surface jobs acceptably.

You can also look to other work certification boards, like OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration), to determine the "safety IQ" of a given industrial painting contractor. Of course, the SSPC and OSHA are only two of many organizations designed to promote and objectively evaluate industrial safety.

If you're hiring an industrial painting contractor, get a full report on their team's safety training. Also, be sure to provide information on special hazards or potentially dangerous materials at your facility. If necessary, get a lawyer to read over your contract and advise you. Remember - a single accident or careless error could lead to a series of lawsuits that can harm your business. Avoid the headaches by choosing an industrial painting contractor with an outstanding reputation for safety and the certifications to back up that reputation. Whether you are the owner of a small office building or the facilities manager at a large office complex, you want to forge lasting bonds with your industrial painting contractor. Changes in personnel cost your company time and reduce the efficiency of your painting projects. One way to prevent this from taking its toll on your company is to carefully select industrial painting contractors with a stellar safety record.


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