Top 5 Ways to Save Money When The Building Or Designing a Bar, Lounge Or Nightclub

Top 5 Ways to Save Money When The Building Or Designing a Bar, Lounge Or Nightclub

 Let's face it, times are tough, and although a rescue boat is on the horizon, we're all stuck on "Recession Island," a place where consumers are cutting their spending and watching their pennies. As a nightclub or bar owner, you have to assume that same mindset when it comes to building or renovating your establishment. In tough times you as an owner should take the time to do the research and get your hands dirty and perform some of the installations. I know that it does not sound pleasant, but every dollar you save goes directly into your pocket. Here are five money-saving ideas for cost-effective renovations.

1) It would be best if you eliminated as many intermediaries as possible. When building a bar or nightclub, it is essential to remove as many hands out of the cookie jar as possible. Go to décor conventions or industry trade shows like the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas or The Bar Show in New York. Trade shows are an excellent resource for learning about new and innovative products and money-saving strategies. Also, going to trade shows will allow you to meet wholesalers and manufacturers that will offer heavily discounted prices compared to (for example) nightclub designers, who purchase items from these same wholesalers and then mark them up 300% before selling them to you. Buying directly from the manufacturers can save you a fortune. Remember to buy from a reputable wholesaler of the manufacturer, that way, you can be sure that the product is kept in stock, and damaged pieces can be easily replaced. Auction houses and refurbishing stores also deserve a look. You can find them through internet search engines or in a phone book.

2) What if you want to have your furniture custom made? Getting your furniture custom made is more expensive than commercial models. If you have a vision and nothing else will do, you should make sure that your custom furniture is produced locally so that you can save on shipping costs and shipment time for replacement parts. If you're getting fabric upholstery, be sure to get a marine-based fabric, a water-resistant material that will safeguard your seating area from spilled drinks, thereby increasing the useful life of your furniture and cutting replacement costs.

3) The hardware store is your friend. Home Depot and Lowe's are a fantastic resource that few bar and nightclub owners utilize. I highly recommend visiting these hardware meccas when you're trying to save some cash on items like lighting and hardware (which can get pretty pricey). No one will ever know where you got these items.

4) Get a reseller license. When filing for a business license, you can kill two birds with one stone and get a reseller license, which will help you get discounted pricing from wholesalers. Also, a reseller license allows you to buy items like floors or tiles wholesale and avoid paying contractors a 20% fee for the same job. Also, resellers don't get charged sales tax, which can be over 8% of the purchase price.

5) Always Negotiate. Remember, in tough times, when companies and individuals cut their spending, each dollar's purchasing power increases as goods and service providers compete to attract the same consumer. You can and should negotiate the price of any products or services you need (contractor fees, rent for your space, food, and beverage, etc...). Always keep in mind that products and service providers want to stay in business as badly as you do, and your business means more to them now than it did two years ago when everyone was flying high. So don't be afraid to ask for price breaks.

Starting any business is difficult and costly, which is especially true for a nightclub or bar. I hope that these money-saving tips and ideas will help you save money when opening, building, or remodeling your establishment.


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